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What’s my name? Who am I?
Not that important.

I use the term PogueMahone. Which is the anglicized version of Póg mo thóin, Irish Gaelic for “kiss my ass”. This is only because I love all things Irish. Music, culture, beer, whiskey, and attitude… I don’t know, it’s just my thing. My real name is Mike and I live in southeast Texas.
I run a small beekeeping business in a small community. Everything about my day to day life is small, but I would like to think that any sort of contribution to society is a big one. This is what leads me here.
A weblog. Perhaps if one can persuade others to a better way of thinking, while oneself learning a better way of thinking; one could make a small contribution to society. And maybe that small contribution will grow into a bigger one. But then one could be fooling oneself.

So what’s a better way of thinking?
Well, for me, that would be the philosophy of Libertarianism, the basic philosophy of free minds and free markets. I believe that anyone should be allowed to participate in any kind of behavior, even harmful behavior, so long as the behavior harms no one but oneself. Plain and Simple.
The trouble with that philosophy is that it has hard practical applications. Everything can’t be privatized; every type of behavior cannot be tolerated, practically speaking of course. So the best we can do is to try to apply the libertarian philosophy where we can.

As I’m writing this, I’m laughing at myself, because this all could be for not. No one might read this, and even if they do, no one might be persuaded. But in any case, I’m doing it anyway… for fun, maybe. Or maybe for therapeutic reasons.

If your one of the rare souls that should have the misfortune of reading my rantings, feel free to comment on them. If you agree, then great, if not, then you can retort, but if you have nothing to add but useless attacks, then you can take Dick Cheney’s suggestion to Sen. Patrick Leahy… Téigh trasna ort féin.